Mission & Objective

To enhance technology advancement and innovation in printing, design and publishing production, and to foster effective networking between industries as well as to demonstrate the excellent quality of Hong Kong’s printed products.

To encourage the participation of small and medium printing companies, we shall have extra awards for Category No.6 (Promotional Printing), No.7 (Stationary and Office Material Printing), No.8 (Digital Printing) and No.9 (Inkjet Printing). Entry produced in printing companies with 50 people or below will be judged separately.

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The collection of personal information may be used for the Campaign only, and all information provided will be treated confidentially by the organizer in accordance with the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. All personal information will be destroyed properly after the Campaign.

The information printed on the certificates awarded by the host as well as brochure booklets will stand with the information on the application forms accordingly, no further amendment can be made after submitting the application.

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